Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Cabinet and Couch!!!

Yay! So i got a new cabinet from Pier1! Aint it purrdy! I really like it, and i hope Jun likes it too! I dressed up his room for him, he likes butterflies...can you tell?! I will have to find something else for Jack to sit on besides that butterfly jewelry case, but thats all i could think of for the moment.

I think the couch turned out pretty ok! Took awhile to sew...probably should have used my sewing machine, but oh well. I found the shelf at Michael's. I had looked at it a few times before thinking it would make a great couch for Jun if i turned it upsidedown, so i finally decided to try it out! I still need to forreal paint it though, i gessoed it thinking i was going to do some kind of fancy painting, but i like it white with the pillows. The basket underneath will come in handy to store some of his clothing in!

Here is some randomness of little things that i have collected over the years. This setup will change but i will leave it this way until i really think about what i will do with all my Tenchi stuff (The characters on the top shelf in the front are Tenchi characters FYI). I love Tenchi Muyo!!! My favorite Anime EVER!!! Hence my Tenchi tattoo on my arm ^^ I am missing my chibi Ryoko figurine =( that goes with all the other Tenchi chibis on the shelf.

Then of course i have to add the larger Ryoko and Tenchi figurines and all the other stuff...gosh i have tons, i am going to need a cabinet (a large cabinet!) just for Tenchi Muyo stuff!!! I haven't even looked at any of it since i've bought the items because i immediately put them into boxes because they need a cabinet to showcase them...ugh. Reminiscing about my good ol' ebaying and comic book store days...just hoping to get lucky by finding something related to Tenchi!

I also reorganized my old cabinet!!

Oh Jun!!!

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