Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Midnight Showing of Eclipse... and I haven't a ticket.

It's a sad sad day in the life of me. I was all excited and pumped up to go to the Midnight showing of Eclipse today... I was banding together a group of friends and everything, went up to the ticket stand and then... BAM! Signs posted all over the theatre "Eclipse Sold Out". Ugh... I had no idea it would have been sold out so early... I mean I got there at 6 because I waited until after work. I should have just went at lunch and it would have been a done deal (the ticket lady told me they sold out around 2:50 pm).

At least there are some pro's to this:
I'm not going to be super tired tomorrow for work.
I can see it tomorrow!
When I see it there wont be as many squealing girlies around... although I will still be squealing.
And I will see it at a reasonable time! And I guess if all hell breaks loose and I dont see it tomorrow each day that I wait will be less and less squealing girls!!!

I am trying to make myself feel better about this... JACOB I MISS YOU! And Jasper, you too!

Oh well... On another note I get a mini vacay. I am leaving Thursday Morning to fly back to Michigan for my Mom's Wedding where I will be the photographer... and hopefully wont totally screw up... this being my first wedding and all. Everything online is so negative towards people and their first wedding shoot! It's like geeze, have a little faith in people.

There is nothing like reading about how badly your going to screw up over and over again to get your moral boosted! Its like how do you learn if you never try... Luckily, I have faith in myself and am excited to do it and I am sure I will learn many things. And its also good to know that I will not be disowned by my mom if for some reason everything goes wrong...

Oh well... we shall see!

To all you people that will be enjoying Eclipse tonight... I HATE YOU!... no no, i mean ENJOY, have a blast, and squeal 10 extra times for me!!! ^^

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oops! A miss count! Hah!

Ok... so I guess I lied... Yesterday was the last day! I just figured this out when I was taking screen shots of all my pieces for my Year of "Creation A Day" Days so that I can put them together to have an overview... and then there was two 335's! So yeah... my new sneakers were to be 336 instead of 335, its fixed now and all the days after that are fixed too! I thought something was a bit off!

Anywho, it was a fun journey, glad its done! Kinda sad its done... well maybe. I will have alot more time for different projects now and will still be posting as often as I can.

I started my year June 23 of 2009 and I am ending it now June 23 of 2010 with this here screen shot of my desktop with screen shots of my pieces from the past year, which will be used at a later date.^^

Thanks for the support! Thanks for following along if you have! Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for looking back at past works and thanks for continuing along with me if you do! ^^

I think I might take a nap... or just sit. Rest my thumb from command>shift>4ing! So many screen shots!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

2 Days!!!

Ugh... its so hot in here. :melts:


Sunday, June 20, 2010

3 days left!!!

It totally snuck up on me!!!








Sunday, June 13, 2010

Exploding Spiders... ugh.

There was a huge spider downstairs a few ago... i tried to capture it in a cup... but hit it and BOOM! out fly a million baby spiders... i hate them.

357 Blog Design for CraftyGoblin.blogspot.com

356 Banner for Crafty Golbin



353 PeeWee!!! I had to take pictures of him before he left to live with his new family. Love you and miss you!!! (Not that he will see this... hahahah)


351 Vintage Wall Rug

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Playing over and over... Coyote - Buck-Tick

350 Oh Jun!

349 Finally got around to coloring this ^^

348 A gift from my roomate Ashe!


346-341 finally got the website up... changed some things. Need to fix the photos cuz they got all weird...ugh. Loads differently depending on the browser too...



336 I's gots new shoes!!!


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