Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flower Leaf Butterfly Pattern

Been listening to Oh Land! I dig it. ^^

Monday, April 9, 2012

I love you iPad... I really do!

Ok, so this post was ENTIRELY made on my iPad! I am like the happiest person right now! I downloaded a great vector app called Inkpad and OMG! I have no need for a computer whatsoever right now! I mean dont get me wrong... I absolutely love my huge iMac but I love the possiblities the iPad has just opened up for me... I can do my artwork WHEREVER I want! So so happy!

I mean, I thought I wanted a laptop but pfft! I have my wireless keyboard connected and hah, no need! Ugh this is great! Yes... it took me a bit of time figuring out how to upload my work to DA and then to blogger to get my sizing and everything right but I did it! WOOT! And it will be so much easier next time!

I'm just so happy right now... yay! I didnt consider the possibility of doing vector art on my ipad... I had only used a few brush type apps... thank you. THANK YOU PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS APP!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


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