Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Gifting^^

176-182 Ooooh! A top secret project is at hand! No, not really... there are just some Christmas Gifts a foot that will be revealed after the Holiday! YAY


Ok, im back... i didnt really go anywhere besides Uploading Lazyland! I did alot of Work Work over the weekend to help with a deadline that needs to be met and should have taken pictures of the little things that i have been working on but yeah... anywho, here we go!





168-171 will need to be updated later...i have to charge my camera so that i can take pics of them. Again... lazy.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Crafting Crazy!

163-167 Well, its been five days of experimenting fun! Learning about some different mediums and techniques.

Below you will see the Vampire Benoit Necklaces. Two different glosses were used, one for the Round Pendants and another for the rectangles which showed less brush strokes after drying but has some bubbles. I will be experimenting more with the two to see if i can fix this.

Next there is the bubble jewelry and magnets which i think came out pretty good, but i have some minor changes to make.

Keychains and charms were fun!!! I have many ideas on how to make them look sweet. They definitely look cuter in person! ^^


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oooo! A post!

Well i guess now, that i am done eating turkey, i can post!






Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sorry Mr. Turkey Man!

Wooo, that turkey tasted good! heheh
Had a nice low key thanksgiving, just me, Greg and Ashe. Cooked turkey, stuffing, giblets and gravy, mashed potatoes, chicken livers, macaroni and cheese, rolls, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, corn, and had some cranberry sauce and carrot cake. Stuffed... Greg did most of the cooking^^ and he did an excellent job!


Peace Love and Kittens ^^


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Office Color Finally!

Yay! So finally done with the Bulletin Board Project... Took me longer than planned because of me being dumb... hah! It took me a little while to find the pattern that i wanted for the bulletin board... there were a couple other patterns that i would have liked to use too but they didn't fit the theme of the company as much so i picked something that i would still like and hopefully my boss will. There was this really cool asian themed pattern that would have worked if the colors were brighter... it had flowers, dragons, shrines and wind/water and a blueish background color, but the orange and red weren't vibrant enough.

I painted the frame and distressed it and found the shelf at a local thrift. Got lace and ribbon from Joann's. For the small bulletin boards i used fabrics that i had already stashed away and spray mounted and stapled to cork board squares. I am going to make the pushpins probably tonight or tomorrow night... i have all the materials just need to take a moment.

So they are up in my office at work! Yay, its a good start! Got a long way to go with decorating. I just needed some color for now...


Super motivated right now to really get my office together! Will post pictures someday of the finished product, when finished.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Crafty sorta weekend perhaps!

Did a bunch of Portfolio pages for the website today. Yay! And I am super excited for the weekend! I have a bulletin board project that I am doing... its funny how you can think you have a semi original idea and then you google it and find that its a popular thing to do and had to be living under a rock to not notice, hahah! Oh, what can i say... its all been done before... but i will make it my own!

I also got my Dick Blick order today! Yay i get to try some block printing and such!

151 - 152

Team Jacob!!!

So i went to the midnight showing of New Moon last night! Super tired now... didn't get to bed til about 3am and then on top of that had to wake up around 6am to drive Greg to work by 7:30am because my car is in the shop... so i slept on my desk until 8:30am =)

I am not sure if i particularly cared for the directing of NM... it was ok, but certain parts just seemed odd, which yeah... some of the actors are a bit awkward and that's ok but it still was just a little unsettling. It just seemed that there were too many scenes made specifically for the fangirl making them seem forced or slow to create impact and provoke swooning but it just came off as unnecessary... Jacob definitely looked good though! Yhowza!

I guess most of all i am disappointed in how much of the greatness from the book wasn't portrayed in the movie. Like certain feelings did not come across from the characters for me. I know, i know, of course the books are always better than the movies made after but i feel like they could have done a little better... I mean the biggest problem is that i feel like anyone who has not read the books would just be like, "ok, this is lame", but really it isn't lame, it is so amazing!

Overall i really liked it, but that is probably because of the layers the book gave to it. The effects were great and there were alot of great scenes!! Oh and the wolves!!! heheh


149 - 150 Working on the website! I think this time i will actually launch it when its done, instead of making websites and then just never touching them again. Oh, and the little robots in the corner have speech bubbles that will only be seen upon mouse hoverage.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Henry Persius


Kean of Shadows


Prince of the Shadow Clan^^

...sometimes mistaken for Princess of the Shadow Clan... until he speaks.

Another char for the Vampire Benoit Series^^

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween^^

Day 131 (mmm, Le Vampire Benoit)

Day 130 (not really sure why there is a line through this one...)

Friday, October 30, 2009

We carved pumpkins! YAY... barely before Halloween...

Day 129

My big momma pumpkin is in the middle. The plan was for all of us to try to use the stencil sheets that came in the carving package, since we never use those, but of course i have to screw it up! I think my pumpkins skin was too hard because i pressed hard on the hole making tool and still could not see the holes after i did the entire outline... so i decided to do my own simpler thing! hah

I broke two of the carving knives and Ashe broke one! Hah, not sure how Greg's knife lasted...

Greg's is on the left and Ashe on the right.


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