Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Office Color Finally!

Yay! So finally done with the Bulletin Board Project... Took me longer than planned because of me being dumb... hah! It took me a little while to find the pattern that i wanted for the bulletin board... there were a couple other patterns that i would have liked to use too but they didn't fit the theme of the company as much so i picked something that i would still like and hopefully my boss will. There was this really cool asian themed pattern that would have worked if the colors were brighter... it had flowers, dragons, shrines and wind/water and a blueish background color, but the orange and red weren't vibrant enough.

I painted the frame and distressed it and found the shelf at a local thrift. Got lace and ribbon from Joann's. For the small bulletin boards i used fabrics that i had already stashed away and spray mounted and stapled to cork board squares. I am going to make the pushpins probably tonight or tomorrow night... i have all the materials just need to take a moment.

So they are up in my office at work! Yay, its a good start! Got a long way to go with decorating. I just needed some color for now...


Super motivated right now to really get my office together! Will post pictures someday of the finished product, when finished.

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