Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oops! A miss count! Hah!

Ok... so I guess I lied... Yesterday was the last day! I just figured this out when I was taking screen shots of all my pieces for my Year of "Creation A Day" Days so that I can put them together to have an overview... and then there was two 335's! So yeah... my new sneakers were to be 336 instead of 335, its fixed now and all the days after that are fixed too! I thought something was a bit off!

Anywho, it was a fun journey, glad its done! Kinda sad its done... well maybe. I will have alot more time for different projects now and will still be posting as often as I can.

I started my year June 23 of 2009 and I am ending it now June 23 of 2010 with this here screen shot of my desktop with screen shots of my pieces from the past year, which will be used at a later date.^^

Thanks for the support! Thanks for following along if you have! Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for looking back at past works and thanks for continuing along with me if you do! ^^

I think I might take a nap... or just sit. Rest my thumb from command>shift>4ing! So many screen shots!

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