Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Drunk as usual...

I honestly have nothing to say...except that i have worked wayyyy to long today. =/ I prolly should still be working but i decided to go to the bar with a couple friends...oops! hahah but yes, i felt like posting. Why? I am unsure but here is a lovely video of early Buck-Tick goodness. I first heard this song on the Trinity Blood DVD that i bought cuz i liked the cover art. When this song came on i was in awww, it became an instant favorite (it seemed pretty funny at the time (the English lyrics), but i loved it!) but i didnt really look into it to see who it was because it never occurred to me to look for it on Youtube, and then one fateful day while browsing the Jrock community of Yoututbe (i dont know...i think im making this up...) i came across a beautiful man, Atsushi Sakurai, and guess what!!!

What you ask??

One of his songs was the song from Trinity Blood! OMG i about fainted, but then got myself together in time to drool over his hotness...How could this beautiful creature that i found be the same person that made this song? I guess the world will never is funny that way.

OK, weird post...drunkeness and postingness no mix...sorry

Here be the video =D

The english lyrics say something about him donning a dress for the other person? atleast on the dvd it says so...
oh yes Acchan! don a dress for me!!!!!

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