Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 1 "a Creation a Day" Day Begins!

Well i was looking at some cool blogs and found a neat little thing that some people do...they try to do "something" for a year...whether it be illustrations, portraits, photos or whatever. So i would like to challenge myself and give it a try!

I am not going to be as overzealous as to think that i can be committed for a year, right off the bat! Even though i would like to think i can, but hey lets be realistic here! So i am going to give myself a week, that week can turn into 2, which can turn into 3! You get the picture right? So all i am going to do is start at 1 and see where that takes me.

My goal as of today is a creation a day for 7 days! That means me doing anything creative, whether its illustration, photography, sculpture, pillow making, a jaunty tune...whatever! Lets see how far i can get!


Whats a better way of starting off a creative week than with 3 creations! Hah! Only one of them will be submitted as me being creative for the day because only one was created in a day and today being that day that it was created, which is day one of "a Creation a Day" Day! So here it is, along with its brothers from the weekend which was not day one of "a Creation a Day" Day:

Name: Squeekers
Classification: Guinea Pig
Likes: Hay

Name: Quack
Classification: Duck
Likes: His own footprints

Name: Nutts
Classification: Squirrel
Likes: Nuts

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