Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RIP Taru

So i think Taru is dead or dying...I separated PeeWee from her cuz she wouldn't stop humping Taru. I have no clue why she is dead...she was fine yesterday. But today when i came home she was making a weird noise and i told her to shut up cuz it was annoying and then i went over and looked at her and she looked fine then i went to pet her and she usually runs away but she just sat there...then i stood there watching her and she started laying down on her side and then would get up moving very slowly and laying her head in her food and then getting on her side again, which ive never seen. Then i started hyperventilating cuz that's what i do when something is dead or dying. And now she is just laying there.

I tried jiggling the cage slightly to see if she would move but she doesn't. So now i am waiting for the rigamortis to kick in so i can confirm that she is dead. Then i will have to figure out how to move her without going into hysterics...prolly try a dust pan. Of course all this has to happen while my boyfriend is out of town.

I feel bad she was prolly just trying to tell me goodbye or that she didn't feel good and i told her to shut up and now she is dead...I'm sorry.

(PeeWee and Taru are my Guinea Pigs)

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