Monday, May 25, 2009

Yeah, so i've been a complete lazy...

I keep planning on doing things but i just end up reading mangas, picking out future bjds or watching tv show episodes on youtube. Ugh. I mean its all fun and dandy but i hate it when i dont get anything done...i just gotta keep reminding myself i dont have to get anything done...there is no deadline, but for some reason i feel like there is and it makes me anxious when i dont do anything. kinda weird.

I bought another doll cabinet, its blue and was from pier1. I really like it! its pretty small but good for what i need it for, plus i rearranged my dolls in the other cabinet so that they look better!

So this three day weekend i didnt paint, hardly cleaned, didnt colorize my mermaid chick, hardly even ate. But i did, play world of warcraft, watch three episodes of OZ, read 1 and half volumes of manga that ive already read, bought 2 wigs for Jun, and surfed the web for a companion for Jun! Oh yeah and slept til 1 or 2 for atleast two of the three days.

Here are some of the dolls that I am considering:

1) Ringdoll Dylan-style A (Boy) 43cm MSD

2) DollZone Mo (Boy) 45cm MSD

3) Fairy Land MiniFee Karsh (Elf Boy) 42cm MSD

4) Fairy Land MiniFee Eliya (Elf Girl) 41cm MSD

5) DollZone Kimi (Girl) 44cm MSD

Oh and here are some SD sized dolls i want! But i am waiting for funds and to see if there is a Monthly Soom doll that is a must have before i get one of these, well or any of the dolls for that matter! But it is nice to dream...

6) Crobi Nia (Boy) 63cm SD

7) Crobi Yeon-Ho B Type (Boy) 63cm SD

8) Crobi Lance A Type (Boy) 63cm SD

9) DIM Terrence (Boy) 61cm SD

10) DIM Arno (Boy) 61cm SD

Dolls that are Limited Edition and Sold Out and make me want to cry because i cant buy them unless they so happen to be on ebay at the same exact time that i have money and happen to come across them...

11) DIM Robel (Boy) 61cm SD

12) Soom Monthly Doll IO-Wind Walker (Boy) 65cm SD


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