Sunday, March 29, 2009


So, i've had this blog for like 5 months now and i am just now making my first entry! YAY! This entry will be short. It is more of a test to figure out if i screwed up anything with my layout...Not that i did any complicated HTML but yeah sometimes i screw things up.

Art Update: I am in the process of making some computer icons. There is a sneak preview of them on deviantART because i posted my desktop which had them on it (My desktop just so happens to be the same background as this blog).

OH YEAH! This morning I found out about this really awesome band called Plastic Tree, instant favorite! I was listening to some online jrock radio and the song "Makka na Ito" came on and its amazing!!! So I went from there listening to some of their other songs and I haven't found one yet that I dont like, and their videos are pretty neat too!

Oh and need I say...of course the lead singer is HOT!

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