Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here is a list of neat sites that I frequent!

deviantArt of course!
My Youtube Channel...I have good musical taste!...I think

My favorite Ball-joint doll sites to check up on are:
SOOM (I absolutely cant wait to see their next monthly doll!)

Collectacy is great for the latest updates on everything BJD!

Doll-zone has amazing dolls! I bought my one and only Jun Vayu (Megi) from them^^

Dollmore has great prices for BJD clothes and accessories!

Cherish, Fairy Land, LaTi, Luts, Napi, nDoll are all great doll sites! I have a feeling that I am going to need a second job...^o^

Online Radio:

JROCK Radio is awesome! They play some great jrock and visual kei bands and their music player is easy to use (you can easily skip songs that arent your fancy! how nice!). Oh yeah, and the site is in english!


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