Sunday, March 29, 2009


Been kind of busy today with house stuff, but i decided to take some time for a few quick pics of my bjd (ball-jointed doll), the lovely Jun Vayu! He is sporting a luscious mini kimono with thigh high striped pink and white stockings and matching panties. And to top it all off, black platform boots and a bright red rocker mop!

I popped in a couple pictures of my other dolls that i have collected over the years, all of which were given to me by my grandmother (except Jun who i bought for myself, from Doll-zone).

Big Red in the back there was too tall for the other shelf i wanted to put in so that i could display some of my other small collectibles...oh well, ill just have to buy a 1/3 bjd to fill the void and even it out! =D Also I have quite a few dolls and plan to get more so i will need another cabinet (everyone's a little smooshed in there)!

Side Note: All of Jun Vayu's attire was purchased from Dollmore.

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