Monday, November 7, 2011

Cutely Spotted Bags, Cookies and Halloween fun!

What does it mean when you design handbags for a living and then go home and design handbags for fun? I guess that means you just really like handbags! ::sigh::
Mmmm, so I thought I would share this tasty treat! I made some Oatmeal Cookies last night that were super yummy and surprisingly easy! I have never fancied myself a cook... I have even gone as far as to say I HATE cooking... but recently... I FEEL LIKE SUPER BAKING COOK LADY! and I LOVE IT! hahahah who knew...
Last night my husband and I were having a major sweets craving but did not want to leave the house. We had almost NOTHING in the house... just one box of cupcake mix that required eggs... but there were no eggs. Upon seeing the large container of Oatmeal we had in the pantry, I snapped online found a recipe for Simple Oatmeal Cookies and went to town using what we had around: Quick Oatmeal, Sugar (I used Brown Sugar), Raisins, Butter, Flour, and Baking Soda. 20 minutes of bake time and BOOM! DONE! DELICIOUS!

And now moving on to Halloween! Yes... Halloween has come and gone and we already have Christmas decorations set up at my work... AHHHH! But I want to share some Halloween pics anyway! Me and my hubby, Greg, getting ready to go out for a night on the town!
Greg's scary pumpkin!
Me and my BEAUTIFUL roomate Ashe! Isn't he pretty! We were Gothic Vampire Lolita's! My husband was our food. hahahah
My tiny pumpkin!
My roomate after pumpkin carving... Scary! I hope everyone had major fun this Halloween! We sure did!


  1. Nice big update! The cookies were/are delicious. It was a fun Halloween!



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