Friday, February 11, 2011

Lions, Tigers, Pandas and Buffalo, OH MY!

Well today is another cold, very cold day here in SC... Not enjoying it one bit! In fact my fingers hurt as I type on the keyboard because of the chill. How did I survive in the North? Hah
Anywho I hope these little strange animal cuties help you smile and warm your heart!

I have been having doll withdrawals lately. I want to do some photography of Jun and Zephan so bad but after getting home from work all I want to do is sit and watch netflix... Ugh. Can someone just pay me to do whatever I want!!? hahah I wish. Maybe one day!

I always make these to do lists that seem to never get done but I enjoy making them anyway. Makes me feel like I have direction or goals so I can feel good about myself! So my goal for this weekend is cleaning the house and doing some doll photography! Yes! That sounds fantastic! Also list in there some Dance Central and World of Warcraft! That shouldn't be too bad of a list because its mostly fun... but I know sometimes I get into this crazy cleaning mode and just cant stop to do anything else... or I might be having to much fun playing video games that I don't clean the house or do my art... but anywho that's the list!

Edit: Oh yeah and I just remembered another thing I need to do!  Make new store Buttons! (and maybe one day I will update my stores... but that's not on this weekends list... ) ^^

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