Thursday, September 9, 2010

Laser Wood Cut Friends!

Here are some laser wood cut pieces of some of my Square Bears, Robot and a mini picture of W is for Whale. I plan on painting them soon! I got them cut on ... wanted to give em a try ^^


  1. They really look good... I like your laser wood cut friends!

    Jon @

  2. Oh my! These are fantastic... I am very intrigued by this! How did you like dealing with them? And how much did the wood cuts cost? I'm a bit confused on their pricing...

  3. Hello there Mrs. V! They are very easy to deal with, at least it was for me. Just follow the directions on how to set up the document and its easy! They are a bit expensive though... Like the materials are not but the cost to "make" it is... I did the largest sheet first that they had cuz i wanted to make a lot of things but it ended up being like a couple hundred dollars... so I scrapped that and went with the smallest they had which kinda bummed me out but its cost was only like 30 or so bucks I believe. I just need my own machines and tools so I can do all the things I want!!! Argh. Probably not the best idea to go through Ponoko to make any money... imo but I am sure I will use them again! ^^



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