Monday, September 6, 2010

How fun!!!

A lot has happened since my last post!

Lets see here... I got engaged! Then got married on the 21st (on our 8 year anniversary) to Greg! Took a week long trip to MI to spend time with family, and be in my best friend Laura's wedding (L+V September 4th), which was super wonderful! I was so happy to find that they used the kokeshis I made for them throughout the decor with the popcorn bags, tags and other things along with the invites and save the dates!

Now I am back and have a crafting itch to scratch, but first I would like to show off some fun gifts I received from Laura and Vernon!
I received cute little Blythe figurines that Vernon found while in Japan a while back not knowing that I liked Blythe dolls! How weird is that! Something about me must scream "weird/creepy maybe cute dolls welcome here!" hahahah LOVE IT! Also he got some Japanese candy which I think is chocolate but not sure yet! (Edit: They are heavenly caramel cubes not chocolate! OMG they are GOOD!) Laura got me an extremely cute Chococat Cosmetic Bag, and Hello Kitty key cover, along with a super cute birdie mug and little green grass growing hair guy! They know me so well! Thanks guys!!!
Hmmm, I guess I can add a list here of projects I would like to get done this week so I can stay on task(list is not in a particular order...):
-Cube Pal experimentation... with clay and shrinkies
-Photos of my wood laser cut characters
-Paint wood laser cut characters
-set up etsy store!
-and of course plan future projects!!!


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