Sunday, July 26, 2009

"W" is for Whale.

Day 34

So, i was majorly lazy this weekend...i had so many things i wanted to do! I even went on a Michael's shopping spree Friday, just to prepare!

So what was this amazing thing that kept me from my crafty doings? Well, ummm, Age of Conan. Yeah, i dont know what it was...Greg reactivated his account to use the free trial and i just went wild with it for the past two days! We both had accounts when it first came out because we were bored with WoW...but we quickly went back to WoW. Then there was also that episode where we switched to Warhammer Online for all of a month and then went back to WoW. Hahah

So yeah, there is like only two days left of the trial...but who knows we might reactivate and actually pay when we get back from vacation (leaving for MI on the 31st)...but maybe that would be a bad thing because i get hooked on things so easily!


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  1. hiya you've been tagged on my site!

    and I have a proposition for you. how would you like to do a book cover for me. comment on write about whats newest post if you're interested



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