Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 29 Casbah

Casbah Restaurant Shots

Last night we went to Casbah for Greg's Mom's BDay. It is a really cool Moroccan restaurant with carpet on the ceilings, low chairs, amazing food, and fun little trinkets and things placed about the place. Oh yeah, and of course belly dancers!!! The waitress asked us if we would be eating with our hands, which we were like "Yeah!" but we quickly moved to forks because rice and some of my bean vegetables were awkward and messy...but we tried! Also I had baklava for the first time!!! and it was amazing!!!

Casbah Iphone Pic

I might put up more pictures later to show more of the restaurant. It was really dark and these pics were taken with my yeah, not the best quality but oh well!

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