Sunday, July 4, 2010

I think its about time i do this!

Just got back today from Michigan. I had a great time with my family and my mom's wedding was lovely! I will post a couple pictures tomorrow.

7 things that people might not know about me...

1. My favorite anime is Tenchi Muyo (all series and movies are included) I have a rather large tattoo on my left arm of Ryoko, Tenchi and Ryo-Ohki ^^

2. My secret lover is Atsushi Sakurai of Buck-Tick... I WISH! My favorite band is Buck Tick =D (a double fact!)

3. I love animals... I have two dogs (Ferris and Flavios), two cats (Bonnie and Clyde), a snake (Glowworm) and Iguana (GumaGama).

4. I love MMORPG's! I have been obsessed with World of Warcraft for many years and am on and off with Warhammer online... right now I am ON with it! hah

5. I am in love with Japan although I have not been there. I am also teaching myself Japanese on and off with Rosetta Stone but I lack discipline!

6. I inherited my grandmothers love of dolls! and got into BJD's a couple years ago. I have various dolls but only own 2 BJD's right now... which was a struggle for my wallet but I see more in the future. I have a Dollzone Megi named Jun Vayu and Soom Chrom named Zephan Andreas.

7. I like to do far too many things which keeps me busy... but it also means I start alot of things and dont finish. Sometimes I wish there was just one thing I liked to do... but then that would be boring!

That was actually pretty easy! I thought i wasnt going to be able to think of seven things... which is why I put this off for so long! ^^

Thank you for the awards Ieva and Imogen (yes that was ages ago! Better late than never?! heheh)

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