Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lot of Lots and such.

247 Font = Lot
Thanks Josh for bringing this font to my attention!

246 Font = Lot

245 Font = Lot

244 Landscaping Project! We didnt know what we were doing, but we got it done! hahah (from left: (1) South Carolina Snow! This was a week or so ago... yes, we still had our xmas wreath up. (2) After Saturdays deweeding there was nothing left. (3) On Sunday we somehow fit the plants into Greg's car and there is Ashe peeking out! (4) Greg with a shovel feeling proud after replanting a tree. We didnt want to throw away anything that might be living so we replanted two trees? and a bush. (5) The final product. We are going to add some flowers too, but that was enough for the day.


238-242 Sock Contest Entries (Will post after contest is closed.)


  1. Yay! Love the landscaping part! Nothing like a good before and after. Looks good... We have yet to care about the outside of our house yet. Hah!

    And sidenote, I love the shot of Mr. Man of the House Greggie with his little worker gloves on... Aww! :)

  2. hahahah thanks! I must say we all looked very stylish out there in the yard! 90's style! But Greg prolly looked the most normal, hahah



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