Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mega Post!

Wow, finally decided to stop being lazy and actually post... started to let things pile up. So yay everything is uploaded and on the nets so here is the post! Wooooo! hahah

Day 128

Day 127

Day 126

My birthday!

Day 125

I finally renamed my Soom Chrom. His name is Zephan Andreas! So they finally met! Jun and Zephan, awww :sob: heheh now all i need to do is find Zeph some new clothes and wigs...and eyes^^

Day 124

Worked the entire day on changing my myspace page. Made 2 new buttons for my stores and a new button for the blog! Also changed the colors and background. Its bright and fun and makes my blog layout feel boring...hah

If you would like to check it out go to:

Day 123

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