Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Checkin' in!

Hello there! Just wanted to let ya know that i havent stopped being creative every day! heheh. Right now i am working on an oil painting... prolly taking me alot longer than it should but i've only had an hour or two to work on it for the past two days. I hope to be either done or near done tonight... we shall see (it's safer to say that i will be done maybe Wednesday).

So far sober painting is the best kind of painting... yeah.

I might post my progression pictures per day at the end or just put up the final... not sure yet.

On that note, i leave you with a fabulous video for the song Electric Feel by MGMT, my newest obsession! This is not an official video (embedding disabled...) but the official does have the Chuck E Cheese guys in it!

You should also watch their Kids video (the video is not allowed to be embedded...booo) I feel sorry for the kid in this video, but it is still good (they should have a disclaimer at the end..."no children were mentally scarred in the making of this video", well i guess only if its true...). Skip ahead in the video to like 1:00 minute because there is a weird intro.


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