Monday, August 24, 2009

Atsushi Sakurai^^

Day 63

Oh my love :sigh:

So today was pretty productive. I was extremely content/happy at work not overly anxious to get home at all which is pretty amazing!!! I love my job...but you know, sometimes you just want to go home! But today seemed pretty perfect? Weird.

Oh wait...i did have some soup which did piss me off by the end of the day, because i felt as if i were starving!!! But i survived.

Just got back from a run with Greg, went a little bit longer this time! So next time should be even better! YAY

Now i need to whip out ye ole geetar and see what i remember...hah prolly nothing, but i feel Miyavi inspired!!!


Edit: So no guitar tonight...need new strings...two are broken...


  1. do not be disheartened young warrior, tomorrow will be a new day. why don't you do a kind of silent film picture in only black and white?





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