Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Pictured above is Skelita Calaveras of Monster High.

I had no idea before taking this picture that she was a full skeleton underneath her clothes! Orignally I had tried to pose her in a similar position with clothes and had trouble because of a plastic piece that ended up being a body shell to hide her skeleton. Needless to say upon this discovery she had to be photographed nakey. ^^

The only thing left to do today is watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show and carve a pumpkin! Happy Halloween!
"In the velvet darkness
Of the blackest night
Burning bright
There's a guiding star
No matter what or who you are
There's a light
Over at the Frankenstein place
There's a light
Burning in the fireplace
There's a light, light
In the darkness of everybody's life"


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