Sunday, August 28, 2011

I am back! With fun things to share...

Finally getting all caught up! I took sooo many pictures on my trip! Visited San Diego, Portland, and Seattle and it was AMAZING!!! Ugh... cant wait to go there again!

San Diego/Del Mar was great! Went to the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, San Diego Zoo, and Old Town!

In Portland we went to the Japanese Gardens, Mothers (the place to be for breakfast!), Van's Warped Tour, the Cullen's House (Twilight Destination), Multnomah Falls, Silver Falls State Park, and a bunch of other scenic places! It was glorious!
Seattle was a day trip! We thought we might as well go and see what its all about! We went up in the Space Needle and went to the Flying Fish Market. Saw a lot of cool shops and architecture and then went back to Portland.

The Twilight stuff was triggered on accident! On our way to Seattle, Washington there was this large sign on the side of a building that said Kalama, a Twilight location. So of course... I HAD to check it out!!! So that's how we came across the Kalama High School and parking lot! That prompted us to see what else we were missing! So when we got back to Portland we visited the Cullen's House and we had already gone to a couple of the scenic areas where bits of the film were shot without knowing! Multnomah Falls and Silver Falls State Park (See pictures below!)


Oh and FYI... I know Koalas, and sometimes Pandas, are not really considered bears... but they just sound cuter that way!

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's that time! YAY!

Whelp, I am off to go get refreshed and rejuvenated! Going to kick back with some fam and possibly a friend of mine that will be in San Diego, California, then heading up to Portland, Oregon to take in the scenes!

See you in 2 weeks! If I can I may post some photos along the way... but not sure how that will go with my phone...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Instagram! Yay!

I finally joined in to the fun! Downloaded the Instagram App on my iPhone and now I am ready to go phone photo crazy just in time for my upcoming 2 week trip to San Diego, California and Portland, Oregon! Finally some vacation!


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