Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Cabinet and Couch!!!

Yay! So i got a new cabinet from Pier1! Aint it purrdy! I really like it, and i hope Jun likes it too! I dressed up his room for him, he likes butterflies...can you tell?! I will have to find something else for Jack to sit on besides that butterfly jewelry case, but thats all i could think of for the moment.

I think the couch turned out pretty ok! Took awhile to sew...probably should have used my sewing machine, but oh well. I found the shelf at Michael's. I had looked at it a few times before thinking it would make a great couch for Jun if i turned it upsidedown, so i finally decided to try it out! I still need to forreal paint it though, i gessoed it thinking i was going to do some kind of fancy painting, but i like it white with the pillows. The basket underneath will come in handy to store some of his clothing in!

Here is some randomness of little things that i have collected over the years. This setup will change but i will leave it this way until i really think about what i will do with all my Tenchi stuff (The characters on the top shelf in the front are Tenchi characters FYI). I love Tenchi Muyo!!! My favorite Anime EVER!!! Hence my Tenchi tattoo on my arm ^^ I am missing my chibi Ryoko figurine =( that goes with all the other Tenchi chibis on the shelf.

Then of course i have to add the larger Ryoko and Tenchi figurines and all the other stuff...gosh i have tons, i am going to need a cabinet (a large cabinet!) just for Tenchi Muyo stuff!!! I haven't even looked at any of it since i've bought the items because i immediately put them into boxes because they need a cabinet to showcase them...ugh. Reminiscing about my good ol' ebaying and comic book store days...just hoping to get lucky by finding something related to Tenchi!

I also reorganized my old cabinet!!

Oh Jun!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So the new monthly Soom Doll has been posted! And so far it looks like a win! Gotta wait for the rest of the pictures to be posted on the site! I am so excited for this one! I need monies!!!

This will make the last Spirit of the Element Fire to be released for the Legend of the Doll Story. I am thinking he is either Werewolf or Bat!!! Lets see!

UPDATE: I have ordered my Chrom doll from SOOM!
Now i wait... ^^


Monday, May 25, 2009

Yeah, so i've been a complete lazy...

I keep planning on doing things but i just end up reading mangas, picking out future bjds or watching tv show episodes on youtube. Ugh. I mean its all fun and dandy but i hate it when i dont get anything done...i just gotta keep reminding myself i dont have to get anything done...there is no deadline, but for some reason i feel like there is and it makes me anxious when i dont do anything. kinda weird.

I bought another doll cabinet, its blue and was from pier1. I really like it! its pretty small but good for what i need it for, plus i rearranged my dolls in the other cabinet so that they look better!

So this three day weekend i didnt paint, hardly cleaned, didnt colorize my mermaid chick, hardly even ate. But i did, play world of warcraft, watch three episodes of OZ, read 1 and half volumes of manga that ive already read, bought 2 wigs for Jun, and surfed the web for a companion for Jun! Oh yeah and slept til 1 or 2 for atleast two of the three days.

Here are some of the dolls that I am considering:

1) Ringdoll Dylan-style A (Boy) 43cm MSD

2) DollZone Mo (Boy) 45cm MSD

3) Fairy Land MiniFee Karsh (Elf Boy) 42cm MSD

4) Fairy Land MiniFee Eliya (Elf Girl) 41cm MSD

5) DollZone Kimi (Girl) 44cm MSD

Oh and here are some SD sized dolls i want! But i am waiting for funds and to see if there is a Monthly Soom doll that is a must have before i get one of these, well or any of the dolls for that matter! But it is nice to dream...

6) Crobi Nia (Boy) 63cm SD

7) Crobi Yeon-Ho B Type (Boy) 63cm SD

8) Crobi Lance A Type (Boy) 63cm SD

9) DIM Terrence (Boy) 61cm SD

10) DIM Arno (Boy) 61cm SD

Dolls that are Limited Edition and Sold Out and make me want to cry because i cant buy them unless they so happen to be on ebay at the same exact time that i have money and happen to come across them...

11) DIM Robel (Boy) 61cm SD

12) Soom Monthly Doll IO-Wind Walker (Boy) 65cm SD


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RIP Taru

So i think Taru is dead or dying...I separated PeeWee from her cuz she wouldn't stop humping Taru. I have no clue why she is dead...she was fine yesterday. But today when i came home she was making a weird noise and i told her to shut up cuz it was annoying and then i went over and looked at her and she looked fine then i went to pet her and she usually runs away but she just sat there...then i stood there watching her and she started laying down on her side and then would get up moving very slowly and laying her head in her food and then getting on her side again, which ive never seen. Then i started hyperventilating cuz that's what i do when something is dead or dying. And now she is just laying there.

I tried jiggling the cage slightly to see if she would move but she doesn't. So now i am waiting for the rigamortis to kick in so i can confirm that she is dead. Then i will have to figure out how to move her without going into hysterics...prolly try a dust pan. Of course all this has to happen while my boyfriend is out of town.

I feel bad she was prolly just trying to tell me goodbye or that she didn't feel good and i told her to shut up and now she is dead...I'm sorry.

(PeeWee and Taru are my Guinea Pigs)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Awesome Awesomeness!!!

So here I am, Cinco de Mayo-en it up!!! I have a few margaritas in me and a few MOOJIITOOS too! So, me and a friend came across something amazingly amazing, awesomely awesome, fabulously fabulous! This youtube maniac man that plays some killer keys! You may not know this, but I am a lover of keyboards! Give me a band with a keyboard and I am like YES!!! This dude, as "interesting" as he is, is WONDERFUL! Please enjoy the following AMAZINGNESS and don't let me write posts when i am un-me, meaning drunk. ^_^

Please enjoy! This is some GOOOOOD goodness!

Peace and Love to you and Happy Cinco de Mayo! (umm just thought i would mention that i had to write that sentence 4 times to get it right...very hard to type at this moment)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hello Mermaid Lady!

Haven't posted in a while, but i have made quite a few changes with the look of this place!

So, here is a sketch that i did a few days ago...took four section scans to get her on the computer, hah! I will be coloring her in soon! YAY

And here is a screenshot of the old blog! For memory purposes...i get sappy when things change...awww^^


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